Chess Instruction Resources

Chess Detective Press publishes teaching curriculum that is taught throughout the world in four languages. English versions are sold in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Chess Concepts and Coloring Book is a beginner chess book for young kids learning how to play the game.

Teaching Chess in the 21st Century is for anyone who wants to teach chess in the classroom – methodologies and teacher tips are included.

Chess Workbook for Children is the companion workbook for Teaching Chess in the 21st Century and is loaded with problems for the students and possible example problems for the teacher to select from for the class.

Chess Handbook is a comprehensive book for beginners learning the rules and basics of the royal game and the intermediate player looking to improve by gaining a better understanding of chess fundamentals.

Chess Stategy Workbook is more advanced and offers a number of chess strategies and chess problems for more advanced students and classes.

Chess Tactics and Combinations Workbook  is more advanced and teaches the fundamentals of how to identify, execute, and defend against tactical themes.

Attacking the Chess King Workbook is more advanced and teaches how to identify and create king position weakness, position the pieces for attack, and clear a path to the opponent’s king.

Chess Endgame Workbook is more advanced and teaches endgame fundamentals like creating and promoting passed pawns, activating the king, simplifying to a winning ending, and salvaging a draw when you are behind. Basic principles for king and pawn, minor piece, rook, and queen endings are covered in detail.


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